I’m Amie, a third year student at Leeds Arts University studying a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography.

Primarily focused on still life, I experiment with studio based techniques to capture a diverse range of imagery, exploring conceptual concepts and commercial styling with a minimalist approach.

Being from a rural area within the North East, I began photographing the landscape around me. What began as a hobby later prompted me to enrol into a Level 3 Photography course at Newcastle College.

Starting as a landscape photographer, I graduated as a studio photographer! I found my passion for the studio and concentrated my projects in this environment; experimenting with objects and pushing the boundaries of how these can be perceived.

However, my hobby of photographing the landscape never went, and now influences my personal work.

Studying at a specialist arts university, I collaborate with other creatives on various courses to produce imagery for their submissions. I enjoy this process as each collaboration brings on a new challenge and a new item to photograph!

I will be completing my degree within 2023 with intentions to delve straight into the commercial photography industry.

If you would like to contact me about a possible commission/ collaboration opportunity, please refer to the contacts page or email below.


EMAIL: amiesmithphotography@gmail.com