At War With The Obvious

PETA stated that ‘2.88 Million Procedures Using Animals Occurred in British Laboratories in 2020’. Various companies such as beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands continue to test on animals in order to mass produce products.

Within my university module, I used this as an opportunity to raise awareness for this ongoing problem.

Through photographing beauty brands which still use this method, I took inspiration from marketing and advertising aesthetics to develop my concept. The imagery documents products being advertised with props that reference animal testing, creating the impression that this isn’t a stereotypical beauty advert. Responding to the title ‘At War With The Obvious’, this body of work showcases the aftermath of the testing, revealing an outcome and leaving something behind.

The intention for this project was simple, to raise awareness. Throughout this project, I have learnt more about this ongoing battle and have made adjustments towards my own lifestyle. With the products photographed in the images, these are no longer in use and have been swapped for alternatives through my research into cruelty free brands. I am also more aware of brands that do continue to test on animals, and look for the cruelty free logo (leaping bunny) on items I buy.

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