Replacing the abandoned

Shot between January to May 2021, these images were produced in response to the brief ‘Modern Times’. During this module, I was required to produce a body of work showcasing an issue which was relevant in the year 2021. The outcome of this module was producing a digital photobook and online exhibition displaying my imagery.

Below shows a selection of images from the photobook and my artist statement:

Replacing the abandoned explores the rapid decline of northern UK high streets and the rise of online sellers. My images focus on the abandoned buildings and shuttered shop fronts within the North East, alongside the online retailers who have profited from this decline, especially during the pandemic, through the shipment of goods placed within neutral and unadorned packaging.

Looking at the work of various New Topographic photographers, I explored a direct approach to the High Street, documenting what was immediately in front of me. I also experimented with other perspectives to investigate different approaches towards my subject matter, in turn creating a range of imagery and styles showing the decay within these locations.

Continuing this approach; using a still life set up, I photographed boxes and materials from online sellers using a range of perspectives. My images explore an assortment of angles and distances allowing textures and details to be revealed through various compositions I created. Using the same photographic approaches towards both subjects, my images combine together to explore similarities within shape and structure. Situated side by side, this compare and contrast approach emphasizes the commonalities between subject matter, showing the replacement of online brands leading to the decline of the high street.

You can view my online exhibition here to see more imagery from this project.

Also you can click here to see the end of year exhibition!

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